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Everything on here was either photographed or created by me

You are looking at an expression of my life and the adventures I go on.

Appreciate the world and respect the environment.

grab from a photoshoot today 
beauty that fades quickly is more special. 
view from dinner

I wanna live in a place with like minded people where we grow our own food and live sustainably in peace. 

went hiking with some friends… 

I’m in Napoli for a few weeks, if you live around here and want to hang out, message me!! I need friends 

forward flips for days

Some woman just walked by me and said to her son: “men can’t give other men flowers, you have much to learn.”

Fuck that.

Anonyme: marry me. please. 

message me off anon and we can set a date

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I went for a walk.
Just the mountains from my window. 
we should go on adventures