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Appreciate the world and respect the environment.

view from dinner

I wanna live in a place with like minded people where we grow our own food and live sustainably in peace. 

went hiking with some friends… 

I’m in Napoli for a few weeks, if you live around here and want to hang out, message me!! I need friends 

forward flips for days

Some woman just walked by me and said to her son: “men can’t give other men flowers, you have much to learn.”

Fuck that.

Anonyme: marry me. please. 

message me off anon and we can set a date

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I went for a walk.
Just the mountains from my window. 
we should go on adventures
The air was so fresh. 
up in the clouds. 
You can steep pine needles like these in boiling water and make tea.
This was kind of sad. There used to be more trees but loggers came in and cut them down even though it’s supposed to be protected.